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Dr. Bella A. Pacheco is proud to offer the BeautiFill® laser for laser liposuction and fat transfer services to men and women in the Miami, FL area. Dr. Pacheco utilizes laser liposuction to effectively reduce stubborn fat areas and effectively provide fat transfers. BeautiFill is unique in that it allows all three steps of fat removal, aspiration, and fat transfer within the same system. BeautiFill can be provided at our office in Miami, FL to provide optimal results for our patients wishing to receive a slimmer, more contoured shape to areas of their body. Learn more by contacting Dr. Pacheco to schedule your initial consultation and discover how laser liposuction may be ideal for you.

There are many benefits to laser lipo and fat transfer procedures, including:

  • Removal of unwanted fat from areas of the body
  • Added volume to desired areas
  • Customized treatment options
  • Less invasive treatments than surgical options

Who is a Candidate for Laser Liposuction and Fat Transfer?

Because laser liposuction and fat transfer is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require general anesthesia, many men and women are considered eligible for treatment. Ideal candidates for BeautiFill laser lipo plus fat transfer should be in good overall health and have already attempted to reshape their figure through traditional diet and exercise without achieving the results they expected. For optimal results, patients should be within about 15-20 pounds of their goal weight. During your initial consultation for laser lipo plus fat transfer in Miami, Dr. Pacheco will evaluate your concerns, review your health and medical history, and determine whether BeautiFill may be safe, effective, and appropriate for you.

With the BeautiFill laser technology, lipolysis and fat transfer can take place within the same appointment at our facility. Prior to your procedure, we will administer your selected method of anesthesia and/or sedation. Next, the cannula will be inserted into the harvesting area, and your treatment's removal steps will begin. After being suctioned and transported through the BeautiFill system, the fat will then be processed and purified. Once it has been carefully processed, the fat will then be ready for transfer. The area the fat is being transferred to will be carefully prepped, and the healthy fat tissue will be administered layer by layer into the area.

After laser liposuction and fat transfer with BeautiFill at Aurora Bella Plastic Surgery, you may experience some discomfort, swelling, and bruising. If you had a larger area treated, you will be given compression garments to wear to help reduce swelling and improve healing. You can return to your everyday routine the day after the procedure if you’d like, but you should avoid strenuous activities and exercise for a few weeks to allow your body to heal. The results of your procedure may take several months to become fully apparent. It's important to follow Dr. Pacheco’s aftercare instructions carefully to ensure proper healing and minimize the risk of complications. You may need to attend several follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and ensure proper healing. The recovery process for laser liposuction and fat transfer with BeautiFill is generally shorter and less painful than traditional liposuction.

Very good doctor, beautiful and very helpful, lots of experience 👍

L.D. Google

I went and had some injections done in my face to reduce wrinkles. I am 61 years old. I was very pleased with the professional attitude and the care given to me as a patient. The results were absolutely amazing. Some people say I look like I’m in my 40s. Dr. Pacheco really did a great job. And it’s not the first time. She’s also done emergency surgery on my hand and removed moles, or other strange looking skin growths I have had in the past . She is a very caring giving doctor. She has changed many women’s lives with her surgeries and save lives. Do not hesitate to visit this fantastic plastic surgeon with a passion to help her patients. Definitely a five star all the way..

W.L. Google

I had a 2 cm wooden splinter through my finger into my hand next to a vein.DR. Bella Pacheco, answered my call and made time in her office to surgically remove the piece of wood.Dr. Pacheco did a wonderful job. Extremely professional.And explained everything that was going on at the same time.I have had malignant moles, in other possible cancers on my skin removed by DR., Bella Pacheco,I am extremely satisfied with her work and her passion she has for her patients. Definitely a five star all the way.Thank you for looking after my family.

W. Healthgrades

On March 22, 2023 Dr. Pacheco performed a breast lift and lipo 360 and she did a great job she’s the perfect doctor she took her time to consult me and after post op as well thank you so much for making my body look amazing of you need a great doctor please check in with her she does her job very well thank you

S.G. Google

Dr. Pacheco is profesional and caring. She has a calming presence and really cares about her patients. I am still healing from my breast and arm lift but so far I feel great and confident of the results.

M.G. Google


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The professionals at Aurora Bella Plastic Surgery are happy to provide laser liposuction and fat transfer treatments using innovative BeautiFill technology by Alma. To learn more, we'd like to invite you to contact our Miami, FL facility to find out if you would be an ideal candidate for this innovative procedure and discover your best-looking self.

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Where can laser lipo plus fat transfer be used?

Unwanted fat is often harvested from the abdomen, hips, thighs, or buttocks via laser liposuction, as many patients hold onto excess fat in these areas. The fat can then be transferred to plump up another feature, such as:

  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Breasts
  • Hands
  • Buttocks
How much fat can be removed and redistributed during laser lipo plus fat transfer?
The amount of fat removed for a laser lipo plus fat transfer procedure will depend on how much excess fat the patient has available and where/how they would like to use the fat to enhance other features. Patients should keep in mind that liposuction is not designed for weight loss, and it is important to already be at or near your goal weight prior to laser lipo plus fat transfer.
Are the results of laser lipo plus fat transfer permanent?
With a steady weight and a healthy lifestyle, the outcome of a laser lipo plus fat transfer procedure can be long-lasting. Patients should avoid losing or gaining a significant amount of weight after treatment, as this can impact their results in the areas of both liposuction and fat transfer.
Is laser lipo and fat transfer suitable for everyone?

Not everyone is a candidate for laser lipo and fat transfer. Our qualified team will evaluate a patient's health, anatomy, and goals to determine if the procedure is appropriate.

How long does a laser lipo and fat transfer procedure typically take?

The duration of a laser lipo and fat transfer procedure can vary depending on the size and number of areas being treated. It usually takes between 1 – 3 hours.

Is laser lipo and fat transfer painful?

Local anesthesia is typically used for laser liposuction, so patients may experience some discomfort during the procedure. However, post-operative pain is usually minimal and can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.