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Our skilled Aurora Bella Plastic Surgery team in Miami, FL performs effective laser scar services for all patients using Cynosure®'s Icon™ and TempSure® laser systems. This nonsurgical treatment may reduce your scar and renew the look and texture of your skin. Laser scar treatments could address one or several scars and can be performed on various body parts. Whatever the cause of your scar, laser treatment may be able to help. At your consultation, Dr. Bella A. Pacheco will evaluate the area to determine if laser scar treatment suits your needs.

If you're worried or self-conscious about a scar on your face or body, laser scar treatment with Cynosure Icon or TempSure can help you attain clearer, softer skin. Nonsurgical scar revision at Aurora Bella Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL can noticeably decrease the presence of scars with numerous benefits, including:

  • Addressing most scar types, including acne scars and surgical scars
  • Noninvasive laser treatments with fast recovery times
  • Treating scars on the body and face
  • Lightening darker scarring
  • Refining complexion and skin texture
  • Attending to disfigurement or traumatic scars
  • Improving confidence and self-image

Some patients may require more or fewer treatments than others. However, most patients will only need 4 – 6 laser scar treatments before they've received the maximum benefits of the procedure. After your initial consultation at Aurora Bella Plastic Surgery, we will have a clearer picture of your treatment plan. The length of time you must wait after the formation of a scar depends on its source. For instance, if it stems from a surgical procedure, it is usually safe to perform laser scar treatment after only a few weeks of the stitches being removed, allowing the scar to completely heal. However, acne scars may be treated as soon as the underlying acne outbreak is under control. Unfortunately, there is currently no treatment that can make a scar entirely disappear. Instead, laser scar treatment is a useful method to dramatically reduce the appearance of a scar.

Very good doctor, beautiful and very helpful, lots of experience 👍

L.D. Google

I went and had some injections done in my face to reduce wrinkles. I am 61 years old. I was very pleased with the professional attitude and the care given to me as a patient. The results were absolutely amazing. Some people say I look like I’m in my 40s. Dr. Pacheco really did a great job. And it’s not the first time. She’s also done emergency surgery on my hand and removed moles, or other strange looking skin growths I have had in the past . She is a very caring giving doctor. She has changed many women’s lives with her surgeries and save lives. Do not hesitate to visit this fantastic plastic surgeon with a passion to help her patients. Definitely a five star all the way..

W.L. Google

I had a 2 cm wooden splinter through my finger into my hand next to a vein.DR. Bella Pacheco, answered my call and made time in her office to surgically remove the piece of wood.Dr. Pacheco did a wonderful job. Extremely professional.And explained everything that was going on at the same time.I have had malignant moles, in other possible cancers on my skin removed by DR., Bella Pacheco,I am extremely satisfied with her work and her passion she has for her patients. Definitely a five star all the way.Thank you for looking after my family.

W. Healthgrades

On March 22, 2023 Dr. Pacheco performed a breast lift and lipo 360 and she did a great job she’s the perfect doctor she took her time to consult me and after post op as well thank you so much for making my body look amazing of you need a great doctor please check in with her she does her job very well thank you

S.G. Google

Dr. Pacheco is profesional and caring. She has a calming presence and really cares about her patients. I am still healing from my breast and arm lift but so far I feel great and confident of the results.

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Scars can develop for a variety of reasons. Our Aurora Bella Plastic Surgery team has a solution. Dr. Pacheco and her team will craft a personalized treatment plan to help reduce the scar and restore your skin. Don't hesitate to contact our Miami, FL facility to learn more about your options and schedule your consultation.

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Is laser scar treatment painful?

Laser scar treatment can be uncomfortable, but most patients find the discomfort to be very tolerable. Our team will also apply a numbing cream to your skin to help keep you comfortable during your session.

Can laser scar treatment completely remove a scar?

No. However, laser scar treatment can help significantly diminish the appearance of unwanted scars, making them hardly noticeable. Most patients are pleased with their results.

How many laser scar treatments are necessary?

Since each patient case differs, the number of laser scar treatments needed to achieve ideal results will vary. On average, most individuals undergo a series of treatments spaced several weeks apart. During your initial consultation at Aurora Bella Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL, we'll assess your condition and determine how many sessions you may need to achieve optimal outcomes.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.