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Commonly found on the face and legs, spider veins are small blood vessels that branch and become visible through the skin. Caused by age, genetics, and other factors, spider veins may be blue, red, and purple, which makes them hard to conceal. Since these unattractive veins typically worsen over the years and lead to stronger visibility, it is smart to seek treatment when you first notice them. To reduce the appearance of veins on the body and face, Aurora Bella Plastic Surgery performs noninvasive laser vein removal treatments using the Cynosure® Icon™ laser system for Miami, FL men and women. In your private consultation, Dr. Bella A. Pacheco can develop a customized plan to meet your needs and goals for your laser vein treatment.

At Aurora Bella Plastic Surgery, we offer cutting-edge treatments to address your cosmetic concerns, including the presence of unsightly veins and lesions. Our laser vein removal provides you with a number of benefits, including:

  • Respite from swelling and cramping
  • Minimized appearance of unwanted vascular lesions
  • Ability to go without compression materials
  • Improved overall aesthetic and quality of life

Nonsurgical laser vein reduction treatments are completed in our Miami, FL office in around 20 – 40 minutes based on the number of areas being addressed. During your laser vein procedure, you will lie comfortably in a private treatment room as the affected area is cleaned and prepared. If requested, a local numbing cream may be used before the treatment to minimize any discomfort. The Icon laser handpiece is passed across the skin so the wavelengths can reach the spider veins through multiple pulses without affecting the rest of the body. The abnormal blood vessel takes in the laser energy, which collapses the walls of the veins. You will be allowed to leave immediately to get back to your normal activities.

I had a BBL and lipo 360 on February 6, Dr. Pacheco put my mind at ease. She explained everything that was going to take place and what I could expect. She is a very thorough and thoughtful doctor and just love her mannerisms and her personality. Thank you for changing my life, I feel so much better about my body and myself. I recommend doctor Bella to anyone that wants a doctor who gives you just what you pay for and then some. Thank You

M.F. Google

Very good doctor, beautiful and very helpful, lots of experience 👍

L.D. Google

I went and had some injections done in my face to reduce wrinkles. I am 61 years old. I was very pleased with the professional attitude and the care given to me as a patient. The results were absolutely amazing. Some people say I look like I’m in my 40s. Dr. Pacheco really did a great job. And it’s not the first time. She’s also done emergency surgery on my hand and removed moles, or other strange looking skin growths I have had in the past . She is a very caring giving doctor. She has changed many women’s lives with her surgeries and save lives. Do not hesitate to visit this fantastic plastic surgeon with a passion to help her patients. Definitely a five star all the way..

W.L. Google

I had a 2 cm wooden splinter through my finger into my hand next to a vein.DR. Bella Pacheco, answered my call and made time in her office to surgically remove the piece of wood.Dr. Pacheco did a wonderful job. Extremely professional.And explained everything that was going on at the same time.I have had malignant moles, in other possible cancers on my skin removed by DR., Bella Pacheco,I am extremely satisfied with her work and her passion she has for her patients. Definitely a five star all the way.Thank you for looking after my family.

W. Healthgrades

On March 22, 2023 Dr. Pacheco performed a breast lift and lipo 360 and she did a great job she’s the perfect doctor she took her time to consult me and after post op as well thank you so much for making my body look amazing of you need a great doctor please check in with her she does her job very well thank you

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If you've been concealing or covering visible blood vessels on your body or face, try noninvasive laser vein reduction treatments at Aurora Bella Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL to improve the appearance of your complexion. During your consultation, Dr. Pacheco will examine your skin and create a personalized treatment plan that best addresses your concerns.

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How much does laser vein removal cost?

Laser vein removal is a treatment that is priced based on how many veins are being addressed and how many sessions are needed to attain the desired results. At your initial consultation, your technician will assess your veins, their size, and where they are located, then create your treatment plan to estimate your cost. Aurora Bella Plastic Surgery offers several payment options, and we offer deals on procedures.

Should I get laser vein removal or sclerotherapy?

Laser vein removal can help veins of all sizes and types. Based on your veins, a laser treatment might be better than sclerotherapy depending on what is being addressed. Laser works well on certain veins; however, some patients may be better candidates for sclerotherapy, which uses a solution that is injected directly into the vein. Varicose veins respond well to laser vein removal; however, if the vein is large and bulging, surgery may be better. Our team will work with you to determine your treatment method depending on your unique concerns and goals.

Does the vein go away?

A laser vein treatment will address the vein with a beam of energy that affects the vein to destroy it. The laser system is very precise and focuses on the vein so that it won't damage your skin. When the vein collapses, it will take about 1 – 2 months for it to be reabsorbed and disappear.

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